Customer success story

Paradigm + Celential

Reducing time-to-hire by 80% for technical roles

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Company Size

51 - 100



Series A



New York, NY

Total hires

2 hires

Time frame

2 months

Present-to-acceptance ratio


Tech roles filled

Lead frontend engineer
Backend engineer

Key Benefits

Leveraging Celential’s passive candidate recruiting solution is the best investment we’ve made in recruiting.


Anand Gomes

CEO @ Paradigm

Paradigm is a FinTech company located in New York seeking to automate over-the-counter cryptocurrency trades for institutional traders. Despite its initial success and rapid growth, the company struggled to find quality engineers excited about joining it. Celential’s AI platform matched opportunities with candidates, generated automated personalized recruiting pitches and delivered qualified prospective employees interested in Paradigm within 48 hours.

The challenge

Paradigm is seeking to automate over-the-counter cryptocurrency trades for institutional traders within a native chat application. Founded in 2017 and backed by well-known venture firms, Paradigm quickly established itself as a leader in online conversational trading. Paradigm achieved over $1.8B in trading volume in its first three quarters post-launch.


Despite its initial success, Paradigm struggled to find quality engineers excited to join the company. Obstacles included the lack of a West Coast presence, an executive team completely consumed with running the business, and no in-house recruiter. There was also the small matter of an ongoing global pandemic.

The solution

Celential’s AI platform matched opportunities with candidates, generated automated, personalized recruiting pitches, and delivered engaged and qualified candidates to Paradigm within 48 hours. Celential reached out to qualified candidates on behalf of the CTO, a tactic proven to deliver responses at a far higher rate than doing so through recruiters.

One of those early candidates became a critical engineering hire for Paradigm, with an offer out only a month into its relationship with Celential — an 80% decrease in time-to-hire. Celential presented Paradigm with 31 candidates in their first two months working together and 87% were accepted into the recruiting pipeline.

With their AI platform + human assistance, Celential took nearly all of the overhead out of targeting the right candidates for us and lined up solid engineering candidates ready to interview with us within days of our engagement. Much better than the other solutions on the market and contingency recruiters, at a lower cost!

Anand Gomes, CEO @ Paradigm

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