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Celential is one of the best investments in recruitment we’ve ever made. We needed to fill senior positions and scale quickly, and were able to make 4 hires who fit our roles perfectly in just 3.5 months. With their proven success, we are excited to develop a long-term partnership with Celential.

Bella Ratner, Head of Talent at Heartbeat Health
Bella Ratner
Head of Talent
Heartbeat Health logo

Celential is our primary sourcing tool and brings in more interested candidates than all other recruitment methods combined. Their team customizes outreach campaigns, presents qualified and interested candidates, and helps us follow-up and stay organized through the process.

Heather Odom, VP of People at eDriving
Heather Odom
VP of People
Edriving logo

Celential has been an excellent partner in sourcing and recruiting diverse roles across our engineering and data organization. They understand our needs clearly and create a high-quality pipeline consisting of candidates who not only excel technically but also bring a passion for our unique mission.

Terry Poon, CTO at Twin Health
Terry Poon
Twin Health logo

Celential’s AI recruiting solution is the best investment we’ve made in talent acquisition. Celential lined up solid engineering candidates ready to interview within days. It’s much better than contingency recruiters and other solutions, and at a fraction of the cost.

Anand Gomes, CEO at Paradigm
Anand Gomes
Paradigm logo

Celential has been the most important recruiting partner to support our rapid growth as the quality of candidates has been consistently superior to that from other sourcing methods. We made 4 tech hires every quarter and the percentage of female candidates has significantly increased.

Stephani Martin, VP of People at Affinity
Stephani Martin
VP of People
Affinity logo

As an Engineering leader, one of the most important factors for my success is hiring the best. I have depended on Celential in finding great talent for over 3 years now, and their Al-powered recruiting solution fills the pipeline for my open roles quickly with passive candidates.

David Ting
VP Engineering

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