Customer success story

OneSignal + Celential

Boosting warm technical talent pipeline by 65%





Company Size

101 - 200



Corporate Round



San Mateo, CA

Total hires

4 hires

Time frame

3 months

Warm candidates submitted

23 / month

Tech roles filled

Full stack engineer
Mobile engineer

Key Benefits

Our engineering candidate pipeline has improved drastically with Celential's ability to deliver warm leads.

long vo

Long Vo

COO & Co-founder @ OneSignal

OneSignal is a San Mateo-based customer messaging and engagement platform that enables companies to build meaningful connections with their customers by sending time-optimized and personalized messages. OneSignal had numerous critical engineering roles to fill, but found it difficult to quickly develop an extensive talent pipeline of engaged and passive high-quality candidates. helped solve this problem by working directly with OneSignal’s in-house recruiters to deliver a strong pipeline of engineering candidates with diverse educational backgrounds and experiences through its extensive talent pool and AI-powered virtual recruiting service.

The challenge

OneSignal is a market-leading service that empowers businesses to increase customer engagement through personalized messages aided by machine learning. Founded in 2015 by app developers who needed an easy and reliable solution to message their own users, OneSignal simplifies and democratizes a wide range of tools for different development environments, leading to an imperative to scale its engineering team.

When hiring, OneSignal places a higher focus on candidates’ actual capabilities rather than their educational backgrounds and welcomes unique perspectives brought by diverse experiences. Still, OneSignal found it challenging to fill its candidate pipeline using popular professional networks and recruiting channels

The solution

Celential’s AI-driven, human-assisted Virtual Recruiter provided an active pipeline of qualified candidates with varied educational backgrounds and industry experiences to OneSignal’s recruiting team starting from the first week. Celential helped OneSignal make four hires within three months of the partnership, including senior and staff level engineers.


Celential augmented OneSignal’s own talent sourcing and outreach, contributing to a 65% increase in warm engineering candidates. Recruiters now had more cycles to give more attention to other important recruitment initiatives for a higher ROI.

Celential has been an exceptional recruitment partner for our team. Their AI + human approach helps us access an extensive talent pool beyond our regular coverage and delivered a strong, engaged pipeline starting from the first week. I have no hesitation in recommending them to other recruiting teams.

Long Vo, COO & Co-founder @ OneSignal

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