Customer success story

Monograph + Celential

Building a talented, diverse engineering team





Company Size

51 - 100



Series B



San Francisco, CA

Total hires

2 hires

Time frame

6 weeks

Qualified candidates engaged

250 / week

Tech roles filled

Frontend engineer
Engineering manager

Key Benefits

As an early-stage technical founder, Celential has been crucial to helping us build a talented, diverse engineering team at Monograph.

moe amaya

Moe Amaya

Head of Engineering @ Monograph

Monograph is a San Francisco-based productivity software company, creating intuitive tools to automate practice operations for architecture, landscape, and design firms. While the company had a large pipeline of candidates, they struggled to find highly skilled and diverse engineering talent that fit their unique culture. leveraged an AI-driven, human-assisted recruiting approach to deliver to Monograph their first qualified candidate within two business days and a solid talent pipeline within one week.

The challenge

Monograph is an early-stage software company that empowers architects and designers to focus on their designs by creating visually appealing, automated workflows that streamline their project management. Founded in 2016 by a collective of former architects, Monograph is building a company culture that supports a plurality of diverse backgrounds and perspectives, where team members can openly learn from one another. Monograph’s founders were eager to expand their team.

Despite having a large pool of potential employees, only one of them truly suited their unique culture. Monograph found it was tough to independently increase the volume of appropriate candidates, especially in the midst of a pandemic.

The solution

Celential utilized their AI-based Virtual Recruiter platform and rich talent graph to match Monograph with skilled candidates with varied backgrounds that perfectly met their needs. After generating automated and highly personalized pitches elaborating the mutual fit between each candidate and the hiring team, Celential’s Virtual Recruiter began contacting talent directly on behalf of the CTO.

Celential was able to deliver to Monograph their first qualified, interview-ready candidate within two business days since the partnership started. Monograph’s desired candidate pool ballooned from one to 11 within one week, and they made two engineering hires from the candidates Celential provided within six weeks.

With the growth of our company and commitment to culture, I can't imagine us scaling our team without them.

Moe Amaya, Head of Engineering @ Monograph

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