Our AI Technology

Celential is powered by proprietary AI, ML, and NLP. We reach out to candidates via a unique and extensive talent network — or Talent Graph, as we call it.

Celential.ai - AI-driven Virtual Recruiter

Talent Graph

Celential’s Talent Graph extends way past the well-known social and professional networks, where other recruitment methods stop. We find engineering and sales talent in thousands of community forums, academia, and deep in a range of professional networks. Because that’s
where passive talent lives.

Al Matching

We have 10M+ engineers and salespeople in our Talent Graph, but which ones are right for you? Celential develops an unparalleled deep understanding of candidates’ backgrounds using machine learning, natural language processing, and data science to achieves laser-focused candidate matching. We won’t bring you just any passive candidates — we’ll bring you the best for what you need.

Automated, Personalized Messaging

How do you get passive talent to engage with your role? Our Virtual Recruiter sends out highly individualized emails to high-potential candidates on behalf of the hiring manager. It also creates automated follow-ups based on accurate sentiment analysis. What would take a recruiter hours is done in a fraction of the time — and rolled out at scale, too.

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