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Our proprietary Talent Graph Technologies, machine learning, and natural language processing provide automated candidate sourcing so our customers can find the best talent without lifting a finger.

Talent graph technologies

Access untapped talent with our talent graph

Our proprietary Talent Graph of 20M+ candidates is built through our AI aggregating billions of data points across community forums, academia, personal websites, and a wide range of professional networks. Its reach extends past other sourcing solutions to find and give deep background analysis on top passive engineering and sales talent.

Accurate & efficient talent matching

Our AI, ML, and NLP work together to create and enrich comprehensive job requirements by parsing the JD and parameters you provide us. Then our automated sourcing technology uses our talent graph to find the best fits to your roles, team, and company — 80% of candidates we present for interviews are accepted by hiring teams.

AI sourcing technology -
Hyper-personalized cold email outreach

Hyper-personalized engagement at scale

How do we deliver for high volume recruitment with such a fast turnaround? Our AI specializes in passive recruitment — it sends out hyper-personalized pitches that speak to each candidate’s background, unlike other automated outreach solutions that mass mail generic messages. It then keeps them engaged through automated, tailored follow-up, achieving a response rate of 30%.

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