Better Inbound Candidates

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Better Inbound Candidates​

Less Time Sourcing, More Time Wooing​



Our AI platform identifies, engages and nurtures top technical talent for you and matches you to active and passive candidates that are the most relevant for your company and open roles.


Contextual Candidate Base​

We’ve graphed over 1.5M technical professionals in the US. Through machine learning, our platform creates context around each candidate based on their background, skills, and career aspirations. We can even predict when they are ready to switch jobs!

Contextual Candidate Base​
Always-On Technical Recruiter​​

Always-On Technical Recruiter​

With Celential’s Virtual Recruiter, you can focus on what matters most, building relationships and hiring the best. Plus, we keep your strongest candidates warm so when you’re ready to open a new role, you’ll already have a pipeline of exceptional talent that’s ready to talk.

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