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  • Our AI-driven Virtual Recruiter finds, vets and engages passive engineering candidates for you, 24×7, behind the scenes.
  • Not another tool. No new process. Just results.
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Many raving fans

Many raving fans

Proven success with 100+ companies

How it works



You share the job description for your engineering, data science/ML and PM jobs. Sit back and relax.


Focus on passive candidates

Our Virtual Recruiter lines up passive candidates for you on your behalf. Hit the ground running. No hand-holding or training. No ramp-up time.

  • We identify and vet potential candidates.
  • We engage with them via high-quality automated and personalized emails. 
  • We present engaged and qualified candidates to you.


Seamless integration

Seamless integration into your current process and tools, including your ATS.


Battle-tested with 100+ companies

Powered by our platform (AI + human assistance), battle-tested with 100+ companies.

  • Rich talent and company graph, vertically focused on engineers and the companies they’ve worked for in the United States and Canada.
  • Deep understanding of engineers’ backgrounds, enabled by ML/NLP/CV, with data from thousands of sources, and through our ongoing engagements with talent/companies.
  • Strong capability to discover diversity candidates. 
  • Precision matching and 360-degree mutual-fit assessment, simulating human experts.
  • Intelligent personalization engine, pitching mutual-fit between engineers and hiring companies/team/opportunities.
  • Sophisticated, automated and personalized email campaign engine with automated follow-up and accurate sentiment analysis.
  • High email open rate, reply rate and overall success rate.

Seeing is believing

  • Register with your company email address for a free account.
  • Provide a link to your job description, and wait for our email notification for potential candidates curated for you. Typical turnaround time is less than four hours.

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