Achieve diverse & inclusive hiring at scale

Building a diverse workforce fuels innovation, brings in new perspectives, and sparks creativity. Celential’s artificial intelligence can eliminate unconscious bias in recruitment and help foster a culture of diversity and inclusion.

How does Celential leverage AI to transform its customers’ DEI efforts?

Remove bias from job descriptions

Celential’s AI uses Natural Language Processing to eliminate unintentionally biased phrases from job descriptions like other diversity software solutions. It then breaks down job descriptions into skills, education, and experience requirements to target candidates from various backgrounds based solely on their qualifications for the job.

Source candidates from
diverse talent pools

Traditional recruitment relies on common professional networks and job-hunting sites, which risks excluding diverse candidates. Our AI accesses a rich talent graph of 10M+ engineering and sales talent throughout the US, Canada, and Latin America. Hiring teams can utilize diversity hiring practices to only target passive female and minority candidates from untapped talent pools.

Objectively evaluate and
engage top talent

Our AI diversity matching process omits gender and ethnic attributes. Its machine learning algorithms give a 360-degree analysis of the candidate (experience, education, career trajectory, etc.) and the hiring team (team and company background, product, technology, etc.) to provide a comprehensive and objective mutual fit assessment.

Hiring teams love our sourcing technology

How Celential helps you achieve your hiring goals

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Celential AI Recruitment has been acquired by Wellfound! Read the announcement here.