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Diverse Candidates Proactively

With our unique built-in capabilities, you can look beyond the existing pipeline and engage candidates from a variety of backgrounds. Better still, you can start interviewing candidates in days – not weeks or months.

the problem

Why We Need A Diverse Team

Team diversity translates straight to the bottom line. When colleagues bring different points of view and experiences to the table, the result is more innovation, sharper creative thinking, and greater empathy with a wider group of end-users.

Traditional recruitment risks excluding diverse candidates, whereas Celential connects with them directly.

The Solution

Inclusion Built In

Celential is uniquely placed to not only identify high-quality candidates from untapped talent pools, but engage them for interviews too. Our bespoke Talent Graph captures millions of connections between people and organization, allowing us to gather intel far and wide to inform your passive talent search. 

Learn more about how our AI-powered Virtual Recruiter helps improve diversity and inclusion in the hiring process.

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