Celential.ai Releases 2021 Silicon Valley Software Engineering Talent Report, Offering Exclusive Insights into the Supply of this High-demand Workforce

The report is developed with a talent graph of 5M+ software engineers in North America and proprietary AI algorithms for deep understanding.

SUNNYVALE, Calif. – (BUSINESS WIRE) – Celential.ai, a leading AI-driven, human-assisted virtual recruiting service, today released its 2021 Silicon Valley Software Engineering Talent Report. The report reveals the actual size and structure of the software talent sector and delivers quantitative breakdowns of experience, tenure, educational background, and salary across a variety of roles. It aims to inform more objective, targeted recruiting strategies for companies in this highly competitive landscape. The report is built on a talent graph of 5M+ software engineers in North America and proprietary artificial intelligence algorithms to understand each individual deeply.

Celential.ai 2021 Silicon Valley Software Engineering Talent Report

“A booming tech sector with seemingly daily IPOs exacerbated the war for tech talent. From where to locate your next office to what kind of candidates to expect in the pipeline, hiring managers and recruiters need to be armed with accurate insights,” said Ilias Beshimov, Co-founder and VP of Product at Celential.ai, who led the development of the report. “We are tapping into our talent graph to deliver this report, the first of many to come, to help the industry up-level how they operate and make decisions.”

Key findings from the report include:

  • Silicon Valley has a total of 341K software engineers.
  • Backend engineers make up the majority of the talent pool at 38%, followed by quality assurance (QA) engineers at 10% and frontend engineers at 8%.
  • Almost 1/3 of software engineers have four years of experience or less. DevOps engineers are generally more experienced compared with other roles.
  • Software engineers stay two years and nine months in their first job on average, as compared to two years and three months in their second job.
  • About 50% of software engineers earned their undergraduate degrees from a foreign country, primarily India (57%) and China (18%).
  • Almost 10% of software engineers are self-taught without a college degree.

This report is underpinned by Celential.ai’s rich talent graph created using thousands of signals and hundreds of data sources across the web. With its proprietary machine learning, natural language processing, and data science algorithms, Celential.ai is able to derive a comprehensive understanding of each individual’s background, expertise, and career trajectory to reveal unique perspectives of the workforce for specific regions and verticals. Celential.ai is set to release a series of reports to empower business owners, engineering leaders, and recruitment professionals to better navigate various talent markets and make more strategic hiring decisions.

To learn more about the landscape of software engineers in Silicon Valley, download the full report. Read the Celential.ai blog for a summary of highlights from the report.

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