Celential.ai and HackerRank partner to make recruiting top-tier tech talent more efficient

Dec 15, 20223 minutes read

Strong technical talent is the foundation of success for any modern company, and finding candidates who are the right match is difficult and inefficient, especially in these uncertain markets.

To provide organizations with a more robust recruiting solution in 2023 and beyond, HackerRank, the global leader in technical assessments and interviews, has joined forces with Celential.ai, the industry-leading technical sourcing solution. This partnership will streamline the recruiting process for hiring teams and enable them to fill technical roles faster with the most qualified candidates.

Celential.ai HackerRank Partnership

“HackerRank’s mission is to accelerate the world’s innovation through skills-based hiring. Celential.ai joins us in that mission. With solutions designed to build highly skilled talent pipelines, they make for a key partner as we set out to change the technical hiring status quo.”

Jesse Sims, Vice President of Strategic Alliances at HackerRank

Source and evaluate top-tier talent at scale

Celential.ai helps auto-pilot tech talent sourcing for hiring teams, saving 90% of the time compared to traditional search and outreach methods. Powered by AI, Celential identifies candidates right for the job, team, and company with 80% accuracy, and engages them with hyper-personalized pitch messages at scale. Hiring teams receive candidates interested in interviewing with them in less than a week — with no new tools or workflows.


Candidates who pass the introductory interview are then evaluated and benchmarked by HackerRank’s platform, with pre-built or customized coding assessments up to the highest levels of seniority. Combined with HackerRank’s 24×7 global support, 99.5% uptime, and industry-leading plagiarism and proctoring tools built with machine learning, hiring teams can significantly reduce the time it takes to find candidates with the right technical skills for in-depth engagement.

coding assessment

Gain unprecedented insight into candidates

Celential.ai’s powerful tech sourcing capability is underpinned by its proprietary Talent Graph, which provides deep insight into candidates, such as career trajectory, domain expertise, and skill proficiency far beyond what’s available on their social networks or resumes.

The Talent Graph is vertically optimized for technical recruiting with thousands of data sources and purpose-built machine learning algorithms. It currently covers 15M+ fully indexed tech talent across the U.S., Canada, Latin America and India, with more regions launching soon.

talent graph

HackerRank offers by far the most extensive set of skills assessments in the tech industry, from popular programming frameworks to niche languages. Each assessment is based on a thorough job analysis and input from subject-matter experts to ensure that the skills required in a role are actually being tested.

Hiring teams can access complete assessment results, skills data, and actionable insights via its seamless developer skills platform.

assessment results

Key benefits for Celential.ai/HackerRank customers

1. Reduce time to hire with streamlined workflows

With high-quality, fully-vetted talent on demand, customers are freed up to build meaningful candidate interactions and rapidly close hires. Hiring teams and engineering leaders save time by interviewing only the best candidates in an efficient process.

2. Deliver an exceptional candidate experience with a personalized process

Candidates are met with a great first impression by receiving highly relevant, personalized outreach messaging that speaks to their interests and best career moves. The candidate preparation exercises and focused assessments are highly tailored to evaluate the exact skills used on the job. Hiring teams will be able to provide candidates with a quick and customized hiring experience that stands out from the competition.

3. Boost DEI with diverse talent pools and skills-based hiring

Organizations that make diversity a priority can find underrepresented candidates with Celential’s Talent Graph, which identifies overlooked and untapped talent pools. HackerRank’s AI-driven evaluations also help you build an unbiased assessment process with concrete benchmarks and consistent skills tests, helping you base your hiring decisions on skill, not pedigree.

“It’s a natural partnership because our solutions are highly complementary. Celential helps hiring teams build a strong, sustainable tech talent pipeline at the top of the funnel, while HackerRank empowers them to seamlessly and efficiently evaluate candidates’ tech skills. We’re working together to create a new standard for tech hiring.”

Andrew Dong, CEO and Co-founder of Celential.ai

About the Organizations

HackerRank is the global leader in technical assessments and interviews. More than 3,000 customers across all industries, including over 30% of the Fortune 100, rely on HackerRank to raise their hiring bars. More than 21 million developers trust HackerRank to learn and showcase their coding skills.

Celential.ai offers an industry-leading technical sourcing solution that builds strong pipelines of ready-to-interview candidates in 3 days. Powered by AI with humans in the loop, Celential has delivered thousands of candidates for companies of all sizes and sectors with 80% matching accuracy.

Ready to supercharge your tech hiring with Celential.ai and HackerRank? Book a customized demo with our product experts.


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