Talent Sourcing Strategy Template

Build a thoughtful, resilient, and data-driven plan to navigate uncertain times.

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Talent Acquisition is facing significant challenges such as layoffs, the Great Resignation, and budget cuts.


The current uncertain economic conditions create an opportunity for TA teams to revamp their sourcing processes to be more thoughtful, systematic, and data-driven.


Whether you’re a fast-growing startup seizing the opportunity to hire top talent or a company on a hiring pause, investing in solid processes and strategies will position your team for success when hiring activity rebounds.

By leveraging our template, you can:

  1. Define your talent acquisition goals and outline the specific objectives you aim to achieve.
  2. Identify the most effective sourcing channels and strategies to reach and engage your target candidates.
  3. Develop personalized messaging and outreach strategies to attract and engage potential candidates.

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Talent sourcing template

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