A Practical Guide to Hiring Technical Sourcers & Recruiters

Essential tips and tactics for building top-tier technical recruiting teams.

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We are living in a time of enormous societal and economic transformation. Yet no matter the market, the demand for technical skills is evergreen. 

Tech companies rely on skilled technical recruiters to navigate evolving markets, find and engage qualified candidates for specialized technical roles, and build a resilient hiring strategy. It’s not easy to find experienced talent acquisition professionals to fuel your organization’s product development and growth in any market.

That is why we created this ebook to give organizations essential tips and tactics for finding top-tier technical recruiting professionals.

Download our full guide to learn more about:

  1. What to offer technical sourcer & recruiter candidates
  2. Where to find candidates beyond the traditional channels
  3. How to evaluate the hard and soft skills of candidates in interviews with relevant questions and exercises
  4. How to scale your tech recruiting team using the ideal ratio of recruiters and sourcers

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A Practical Guide to Hiring Technical Sourcers and Recruiters

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