No more tedious job hunt.

Meet Celential, your personal career agent powered by AI.

No more tedious job search

Let the right opportunities come to you

Personalized Algorithmic Matches ​

Personalized algorithmic matches

No more resumes. Celential gathers data points from many sources to map your unique path and find the opportunities most aligned to your personal trajectory. Optimized for engineers, we understand the nuances of technical roles and adapt to your preferences for your next role.


Unlock all open jobs

As an always-on agent searching on your behalf, Celential searches all job boards and career sites for you to surface the most relevant roles. Since it’s referral based, you’ll only be matched with roles and companies that are actively hiring.

Unlock All Open Jobs​
Warm Intros To Hiring Managers​

Warm intros to hiring managers

No more radio silence. As your Personal Career Agent, Celential will introduce you directly to hiring managers for roles you are interested in.

“Celential’s platform matched me with two opportunities, including one from I was not looking, but was intrigued by their pitch and talked to them. They lined up for me an interview with (without requiring an updated resume), helped move things along and negotiated on my behalf the offer. Great experience & no friction.”

Keith Vetter - SWE @

Keith Vetter


“I’ve nothing but positive things to say about The opportunities presented to me were compelling, and Celential’s team were helpful throughout the entire process. It doesn’t hurt either that the opportunities actually worked out for me.”

Stanely Wang - VP of Engineering @ XiaoShouYi

Stanley Wang

VP of Engineering, IngageApp Testimonial -

“I was a fresh graduate from Stanford when I worked with Celential & Andrew (their founder/CEO). They connected me with one & only opportunity, and it was right on. The whole process was smooth, thanks to their help. And Andrew continued to offer to me his valuable advice even long after helping me land the job.”

Hour Wang - Engineer @

Hour Wang


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