How large is your software engineering talent pool?

You likely have a list of qualifications for each open engineering role. But do you know how many engineering candidates meet those requirements? 

Now you can find out!

Role-specialization combinations
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Software engineering skills
Tech hubs in US/Canada

We have graphed 3 million software engineers in North America. The tool above will tell you how many engineers in our graph meet your requirements 

Roles and Specializations – Our model maps engineering roles more precisely and to a finer degree than anyone else.   Go ahead and pick a role and see what specializations we map under each role.  We really understand software engineers! 

Skills – We have mapped more than 10,000 skills that you might expect a software engineer to have.  Enter up to 5 skills to see how many engineers are proficient in those skills.

Location – We have graphed talent all over North America.  Most employers are looking for talent in the major tech hubs – filter down to a specific hub or look across the entire country if you are open to remote employees.

have more Nuanced Requirements?

  • Total years of experience and even years of experience in a specific role
  • Seniority level
  • Specific industry or product domain expertise
  • What about skill expertise and overall strength to pass your interview?

Our platform and our models really understand each candidate in our graph at a level that would make human recruiters dizzy with all the combinations and insights possible. Give us a try if you want the most qualified and engaged candidates now!


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