The Ultimate Guide to Sourcing In-Demand Software Engineers

Developers are the backbones of the tech industry but do you know how to effectively source them?

This guide has your recruiting team covered!

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For the general population, coding might as well be a language from a foreign country that no one wants to visit. Many recruiters struggle to source qualified software engineering candidates because they don’t know the terms or definitions to identify a fit for their open role.

To make matters more complicated, the majority of engineering talent is passive, so recruiters need to know where to find them and how to reach out in a way that generates an interested response.

Using our deep expertise in the tech recruiting domain, we created this ebook for talent acquisition professionals tasked with sourcing developers.

Download our full guide to learn more about:

  1. What is a Frontend, Backend, Full-Stack, or DevOps engineer
  2. How to identify one based on their resume and skill set
  3. Where are the most common places to find them
  4. How to send an outreach message that gets them to hit reply

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SWE sourcing ebook

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