How to Hire Technical Sourcers & Recruiters in a Talent Shortage

Struggling to meet your 2022 hiring goals but can’t find enough qualified technical recruiters to expand your talent acquisition team?

You are not alone!

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In March 2022, there were more than 350,000 “Recruiter” job postings on LinkedIn in the United States. For comparison, there were around 225,000 for “Software Engineer” in that same month.


With the Great Resignation and record VC investment in 2021, the demand for recruiters is being pushed to new heights. Companies are scaling or pivoting and they have a plethora of roles (especially technical) they need to fill for 2022.

The only problem is that talent acquisition teams can’t keep up.


That is why we created this eBook to give organizations essential tactics in finding and evaluating technical recruiters/sourcers when it seems like there aren’t any qualified people left.

Download our full guide to learn more about:

  1. What to offer technical sourcer & recruiter candidates
  2. Where to find candidates beyond the traditional channels
  3. How to evaluate the hard and soft skills of candidates in interviews with relevant questions and exercises
  4. How to scale your tech recruiting team using the ideal ratio of recruiters and sourcers

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How to Hire Technical Sourcers & Recruiters in a Talent Shortage