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Our AI-powered recruiting solution supercharges your technical recruitment by finding passive candidates and sending them tailored outreach at scale. We deliver only engaged, vetted talent for you to run through your interview process.

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I have depended on Celential in finding great talent for over 3 years now, and their AI-driven virtual recruiter solution fills the pipeline for my open roles quickly.

David Ting, VPE 

Celential's AI + human approach helps us access an extensive talent pool beyond our regular coverage, and delivered a strong, engaged pipeline starting from the first week.

Long Vo, COO

How it works

Hi Adrian,
[…] With your startup experience at Databricks and Brex, and expertise in data infrastructure and Java, and stellar CS education at UCLA, I thought our team would be a great fit for you! I'm sure you've learned a lot during the 4 years at your current company that you'd want to put towards making a higher impact. There is a lot of common background between you and our team too. Some of us are your UCLA alumni. […]


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Team Fit


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of candidates submitted for interviews are accepted by hiring teams


cost savings compared to other sourcing and hiring methods



Accurate & efficient 

talent matching

Celential leverages its proprietary Talent Graph of 10M+ candidates and machine learning to analyze thousands of signals from social networks, technical communities, and personal projects to identify passive candidates that are a mutual fit to your job, team, and company.



engagement at scale

Our AI then sends highly personalized outreach emails to the best-fit candidates and delivers the ones who respond with interest in your open role straight to your inbox or applicant tracking system. Celential handles sourcing and engaging candidates at scale so you can focus on building relationships.

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Your message was a refreshing departure from the sea of mail-merged headhunter emails that hit my inbox every day.

Sr. Full Stack Engineer at a startup

I am flattered by the level of details you have in your email on my background.

Sr. Software Engineer at Microsoft

This is one of the best reach out emails I’ve ever received (personalized, answers my questions in advance, builds a good story).

Engineering Manager at AWS

Engineering Manager at IBM

I don’t usually respond to inquiries but your personalized email deserved one.

Thank you for this thoughtful email, I can tell you have done your research on me and the interest feels genuine.

Software Engineer at Credit Karma